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Who will benefit?

Organizations that would like to involve their teams in crucial decision-making and connect at a deeper level. 


You will ‘meet’ your team members at a deeper level and learn about new management paradigms and new tools that you will experience for yourself.


After this experience, you will be more familiar with the deeper purpose (‘true heartbeat’) of your organization.


You will return home with a new sense of direction in which you want your organization to develop and with knowledge on how to take the first steps towards a more rewarding future.

Meet your expedition guides

Your most important guide is you. You will receive great essential help from experienced professionals.

IMG_0088 Chris2

Chris van den Akker (The Netherlands)


Business coach

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Having been fortunate enough to experience the many aspects of owning and running a company first-hand, I know how important it is to create the right environment and an atmosphere that motivates people.


Working with international teams, composed of people of different cultures, ages and backgrounds, taught me the power of diversity. It also led me to appreciate the importance of people doing what they love, rather than trying to squeeze them into a straitjacket.


My passion is to help innovative entrepreneurs who are courageous enough to go where there is no path. I want to assist them in creating their own trail.


IMG_0083 Sonja2

Sonja Roth (Canada/Germany)

Mindfulness trainer

Mindfulness coach

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Having a professional background in adult education and specialized in training and coaching, I worked in leadership development for many years, with a special focus on women in engineering.


I got curious about new ways of leadership, organizational development as well as my personal development. I got familiar with common practices and experienced myself what it means to look deeper into “who you really are”.


This additional knowledge and experience is an excellent foundation to do what inspires me most: using the full potential of oneself to dive into this great adventure of change. And to develop a much happier and healthier life and business, unfolding moment by moment.


IMG_0115 Marita2

Marita van Herpen (The Netherlands)

Independent consultant

Yin Yoga teacher

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For 18 years now, I was, and still am, intimately involved in supporting mainly healthcare organizations facing major changes. Over these years I’ve acquired a broad experience in the structure and quality of organizations and in many different aspects of running a business.


My keyword in life is flexibility because it increases the freedom of movement. Flexibility is not only important for our body to keep it healthy and to prevent injuries. Flexibility is just as important for our minds, how to deal with the things that constantly change, how to not constantly react to distractions. Flexibility is vital for us to face our daily challenges. As an individual but also for an organization. Without flexibility, we typically break instead of bend when faced with the pressures of an ever-changing world. If we break, we simply cannot complete our purpose. As an entrepreneur, you pride yourself and your organization on being flexible, adapting to changes in the situation, and making do what you have to do to achieve your (business)purpose.




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