Expedition RAW Programme

(Example program. Your program will be fine-tuned to your needs)  

Over 4 days your team will work on discovering your organization’s true heartbeat and finding the deeper purpose.

Meet your team members in a different environment and grow as a team. Learn about new organizational forms and mindful/distributed leadership. Explore the true heartbeat of your organization; the leadership you would like to see and the working method aligned with your purpose; clarify and affirm the principles for your organization. Develop a roadmap that will encompass your new direction. Experience the benefits of mindfulness to enrich your working day, make it more productive and keep energized.  

Arrival at Expedition RAW

Arrival and check-in.
19:00 Kick off: settling in.

Connecting with the setting and with each other.
Learn about the different levels of listening.
Enjoy an authentic dinner.

Day 1 | The Organization’s Heartbeat

Every company exists for a reason or purpose. This is what we call the “philosophical” or true heartbeat. It gives both employees and customers a reason for caring about your organization at a level deeper than that of a pay check or low price.


Find out why all organizations should know their true heartbeat (their purpose), and discover the difference between your purpose, mission, vision and values.
Explore your organizations true heartbeat, what ‘moves’ you and your team-members and your own deeper purpose, i.e. your reason for getting up in the morning.
Introduction to Mindful Leadership.

Day 2 | Leadership & New Working Methods

Many believe that today’s way of running organizations stretches people to the limit. Many organizations find themselves bogged down by a top-down, hierarchic, KPI-driven, control-based and reactive mindset.


Find out about interesting new (distributed) leadership and organization developments: Teal organization, Theory U, Self-Management and Holacracy.
Exchange views and experiences.
Reflect on the present within your team and organization. How does the present influence the future?

Day 3 | Link the Head & Heart

Today, more and more organizations apply mindfulness practices to improve the decision-making ability of their teams and consider such mindfulness training a competitive advantage. Leaders need to train themselves to be fully present. The key to effective leadership is in the ability to integrate your head (IQ) with your heart (EQ).


Learn how to use ToP (Technology of Participation) and apply other practical exercises and tools for linking your head to your heart. And find out how to apply this to your everyday working schedule.
Design a roadmap for your organization. The first steps on a new path of enhanced decision-making.

Day 4 | Create a New World

Gain new perspectives and opportunities.

After these new experiences, what do you want to take with you? What do you want to do differently? What has been gained? What has been learned? What new methods will you introduce or experiment with?

12:00: Wrap up and farewell.